Twine Troubles

So everything was going wonderfully with my Twine game. I had a system, if an archaic one, figured out, in which I manually input zine data into new pages in a twine game, and connected them all to the start page, the library lobby if you will. I had like forty zines connected. This map was also going to be the way I identified zines I wanted to look at during my Duke trip.

And then my Twine files all got corrupted. I have no idea what happened, but they’re empty, gone, completely inaccessible. So I started anew, downloading the new version of Twine, version 2.0.10, which has a much nicer interface. And now I’m starting from scratch.

This is going to take forever, I’m quickly realizing, unless I can find a good way to export data from my excel spreadsheet, and then use some kind of find and replace function to encode certain things into Twine language. Starting from scratch is probably better, because I can actually think through my methodology, ask myself what information I really need for this game to make it informative, playable, and realistic. Nonetheless, it’s incredibly frustrating–I spent most of winter break building the first game. I guess this is why people tell you to back up your files.

Note: I know this probably won’t make sense to anyone reading this–I haven’t even made an introductory post explaining my project. I will do that when I have time. But for now, I’m manually importing every single zine title in my database into Twine, a process I will explain the rationale for when I’m feeling less frustrated.

Happy Sunday!Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 3.46.00 PM


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