Warning: this post is probably going to be extremely boring to anyone who doesn’t care deeply about the nuances of my methods of metadata collection. But I figured, as this is a process blog, that I might as well post about it. And there will be a picture of a rat at the end of the post!

I made a list of info I’ll be collecting in my updated metadata collector for my Duke visit. The fields, including those with strikethroughs, are from the metadata collector that Alana Kumbier, Leslie Fields, and Michele Hardesty built for Beyond the Riot, that I have worked with (and modified a bit) to build the database of zines from the Girl Zines Collection.

I’m editing the metadata collector because I have such a limited amount of time at Duke. It’s scary going through and deciding what I do and don’t vitally need for my project.

The biggest field I’ve been wondering about is contributors–while I think it’s incredibly important, in general, to include contributors to a zine when cataloging metadata, it’s also generally one of the fields that takes the longest to enter. I’ve decided for the sake of time to forego it, and only list the creator. Other fields were simpler to cross out–I almost never have the need to record publishers or Union ID numbers because generally, the types of zines I’m interested in looking at are self published, and distributed relatively informally. Notable physical attributes about the zine and the number of pages, while important for a full cataloged entry, also feel less relevant when my main goal is creating geographic/network maps of zines.  Similarly, the paratexts we’re recording for Beyond the Riot will be especially useful for student researchers exploring the Girl Zines Collection in the fall, but won’t be that helpful for me in terms of learning about zines in a collection I likely won’t have the chance to go back to for a while.  Recording the price of the zine, while a fun and interesting piece of information that it honestly pains me not to know (this isn’t sarcasm, I’m genuinely really curious about price differentials across zine genres) is probably not super necessary.  I crossed off questions specific to the Beyond the Riot project, because this isn’t really going to be used for that project, and I can look up the Zine Wiki page on my own time. And in terms of cataloger names, it will only be me cataloging!

So, here it is:

Contributors: ?
Subject(s) tags:
Content description, notes:
Publisher, if applicable:
Place of publication:
Date of publication:
Physical description (size):
Anything notable about physical description?:
Number of pages:
Union ID, if applicable:
See also (related entries):
Reproduction or access rights:
Box number:
Folder number:
Paratexts: ?
Price: ?

Zine recipient:
Mention of other zines:
Particular interest to Zine Scenes/Beyond the Riot project:
Is there a Zine Wiki page for this zine?
Cataloger Name:

Now I’ll put this into a Google form and stop angsting about the question of contributors, and pat the rat named Poppyseed who is sitting next to me.

2015-12-31 17.05.14

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